About San Francisco Women's Political Committee

The San Francisco Women’s Political Committee (SFWPC) is a non-partisan organization that seeks to engage women in all dimensions of the political process and to increase awareness of issues that affect women generally. Endorse! Empower! Elect!

SFWPC Values:

Political Pragmatism & Savvy
Gender Equity
Ethical Conduct

Established in 2002, the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee (SFWPC) is the largest women’s organization in San Francisco with hundreds of active members of all ages and political parties, both female and male.

SFWPC works to engage women in all dimensions of the political process. We are committed to elevating women into positions of leadership including elected office, boards, commissions and management positions. We are politically active and endorse female and male candidates, as well as ballot initiatives. We produce the only women's slate card in San Francisco. We actively advocate for policy improvements that support gender parity (see our Policy site for more information) and strive to cultivate partnerships with other women’s organizations.  We also host some excellent parties throughout the year.

SFWPC is multi-party, general purpose committee run by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets every month.

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