SFWPC members are actively working with legislators to create and pass legislation that aligns with the SFWPC Core Issues. In addition, through the SFWPC Endorsement Process, candidates are evaluated by and required to adhere to all of these policies in order to be eligible for endorsement.

SFWPC Core Issues

  • Appoint and elect women to public office and position of political leadership
  • A political process that is transparent, accessible, and responsive to better serve the needs and interests of women
  • Safe, livable and green communities
  • Livable wages and pay equity for equal work
  • Accessible quality public services, including education, health care, senior services, and child care
  • Reproductive freedom
  • Elimination of violence against women
  • Eradication of all forms of discrimination against women and girls

The Board of Directors conducted a thorough strategic assessment of the core issues and past policy initiatives, and arrived at the following priorities through a traditional multi-voting exercise.

  1. Electing and appointing women to positions of leadership in San Francisco
  2. Keeping women and families in San Francisco: - Issues of economic independence especially housing, wages and pay equity. - Education reform.

For additional information about the SFWPC Policy Issues, contact policy@sfwpc.org.

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