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Official SFWPC argument for Yes on Prop B (Voter Information Pamphlet p. 64):

Vote YES on Proposition B (Enhancement of Paid Parental Leave for City Employees). 

In 2002, San Francisco voters supported the ballot measure creating the City’s first Paid Parental Leave program, recognizing the importance of investing in San Francisco’s families. 

Voting Yes on Proposition B - Enhancement of Paid Parental Leave for City Employees strengthens existing policy by addressing two critical aspects of the benefit design: 
  • Sick Time: Currently, a parent who is a City employee must exhaust their sick time before beginning their Paid Parental Leave benefit. Proposition B allows the employee to maintain 40 hours of sick time. This would ensure their ability to address health-related needs for themselves or their families when returning to work. 
  • Equal Benefits for City Employees: Currently, if both parents are City employees, they must split their Paid Parental Leave benefit. Proposition B provides each parent the ability to access the maximum of the Paid Parental Leave benefit for which they qualify. 
As the largest women’s political organization in San Francisco, the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee (SFWPC) is a strong supporter of family friendly workplace policies. SFWPC believes that the Paid Parental Charter Leave Amendment will have a significant, positive effect on the women and families in San Francisco. Vote YES on Proposition B. 

To learn more about how our endorsement process works, please see the documents below:
Ballot Measure Info Request  |  Candidate Questionnaire  |  Endorsement Process & Information

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