SFWPC Endorsement Process

Full details of how our endorsements process works is explained here.

Interested in serving on our endorsements committee? Come to one of our events and sign up at the sign in table, or email info@sfwpc.org and indicate why you're interested. (Must be or become a member to be considered.)

Vote eligibility events

To be eligible to vote at the endorsement event, members must:

  1. Be current on their dues as of the endorsement vote event

  2. Have attended and signed in at three endorsement eligibility events in the preceding twelve months prior to the general membership endorsement meeting. Eligible events include meetings of SFWPC programs, events, Board and committee meetings, fundraisers, and other activities as the Board deems suitable. Attendance at the Endorsement Committee meeting where members are seeking an endorsement does NOT count as an eligible event. Members must sign in to be counted and will be responsible for ensuring their names are on the sign in sheet.

Endorsement eligibility events will be listed at sfwpc.org. The vote event does not count towards the three-event requirement.


2016 November General Endorsements





If we don’t renew our funding this November, CCSF will be at risk of losing its accreditation, in addition to reduced classes and support services. Needless to say, it’s extremely important for both students and faculty that we pass Proposition B so that CCSF can continue to provide higher education to tens of thousands of students.

Please join one of Prop B's days of action! All Canvass operations are from 11 am - 2 pm.

Saturday Oct 15

Saturday Oct 22

Sunday Oct 23

Saturday Oct 29

Saturday Nov 5

Sunday Nov 6

Tuesday November 8th!! Election Day!



Prop I will create the Dignity Fund, administered through the Department of Aging and Adult Services. This will provide dedicated funding for critical needs, such as nutrition and wellness, legal assistance, activity programs, and other services for seniors and adults with disabilities, including veterans and those living with HIV--groups that are especially vulnerable to budget cuts. You can help pass Prop I by signing up to volunteer here or contacting Gwynn: greengwynn@yahoo.com. If you would like a window sign, you can pick one up at 11 Grove St.


2016 June Primary Endorsements



2015 November General Endorsements

Official SFWPC argument for Yes on Prop B (Voter Information Pamphlet p. 64):

Vote YES on Proposition B (Enhancement of Paid Parental Leave for City Employees). 

In 2002, San Francisco voters supported the ballot measure creating the City’s first Paid Parental Leave program, recognizing the importance of investing in San Francisco’s families. 

Voting Yes on Proposition B - Enhancement of Paid Parental Leave for City Employees strengthens existing policy by addressing two critical aspects of the benefit design: 
  • Sick Time: Currently, a parent who is a City employee must exhaust their sick time before beginning their Paid Parental Leave benefit. Proposition B allows the employee to maintain 40 hours of sick time. This would ensure their ability to address health-related needs for themselves or their families when returning to work. 
  • Equal Benefits for City Employees: Currently, if both parents are City employees, they must split their Paid Parental Leave benefit. Proposition B provides each parent the ability to access the maximum of the Paid Parental Leave benefit for which they qualify. 
As the largest women’s political organization in San Francisco, the San Francisco Women’s Political Committee (SFWPC) is a strong supporter of family friendly workplace policies. SFWPC believes that the Paid Parental Charter Leave Amendment will have a significant, positive effect on the women and families in San Francisco. Vote YES on Proposition B. 


2014 November General Endorsements


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